Computing Curriculum Vision

At Sibertswold Primary we value the contribution that  technology  can  make  for  the  benefit  of  all  pupils,  staff, parents and governors. We strive to provide safe opportunities in all subjects to motivate and inspire pupils and raise standards across the curriculum. Everyone in our school community will become lifelong learners equipped to meet developing technology with confidence, enthusiasm and the skills that will prepare them for a future in an ever-­? changing world.

Our Computing vision encompasses the following aims:

  • To provide pupils with the computational skills necessary to become independent learners
    • To promote safe and sensible use of technology through a dedicated e-­?safety curriculum.< >To use new technologies to enable good quality teaching and learning to take placeTo ensure appropriate and equal access to technology for all children regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or abilityTo provide pupils with an understanding of the role technology plays in everyday life at present and its importance in the futureTo give children opportunities to access the Computing Curriculum through home-­?school links.


Pupils with special educational needs should be able to use the technology to encourage their independence and develop their interests and abilities.

All pupils are to have access to the use of technology regardless of gender, race, cultural background or any physical or sensory disability. Pupils with learning difficulties can be given greater access to the whole curriculum through the use of technology.

Research shows that more boys than girls use computers. Access to computers will be monitored between sexes to ensure equality and opportunity.

The youngest pupils in the Foundation Stage class begin to use and learn about Computing as soon as it is practicable after entering school, so that they gain confidence in using computers as soon as possible.

Pupils who are noted for being Gifted and Talented within the area of Computing and technology are given additional opportunities to develop the understanding of technology and are both supported and challenged within the context of a Computing lessons. Alongside this, children who are recognised as being gifted in ICT are asked to mentor and share their skills with other pupils within their peer group – the aim of this is to help transfer their skills to a wider context.

Implementing the Policy

Good practice in the use of technology in the curriculum

In Computing lessons:

Pupils have one discrete Computing lesson a week, which covers the skills and experiences within the school’s Scheme of Work. The scheme of work is divided into five themes: Multimedia, Technology in our lives, Programming, Handling.

In learning and teaching across the curriculum

There are Interactive screens and Digital Visualisers in every classroom, used throughout the day for whole class teaching in all subjects. Each class has timetables sessions in the ICT room to enable cross-­?curricular use of the computers and relevant software and online resources to enhance and extend the children’s learning.

Developing and monitoring the Computing curriculum

The Executive Headteacher and Computing Subject Leader are responsible for ensuring there is a Computing policy and that it is implemented. The Computing Subject Leader is responsible for mapping the Scheme of Work and for liaising with other subject leaders to map the delivery of further technology use in learning and teaching across the curriculum.

The Computing Subject Leader will also be involved in monitoring class teachers’ curriculum planning and teaching. The Computing Subject Leader will carry out an audit of staff skills and support and training will be provided where necessary.

Home Links

The children have access to resources that enable them to continue their learning of Computing and technology at home. Currently the children have access to Purple Mash. Through these the children are able to complete set tasks, and save their work virtually so that it can be shared both in school and at home with teachers and parents.

Each class has a page on the school’s website which will provide information and links to resources that will allow the children to enhance their learning. All of the class pages are updated each term to reflect the learning that is going on in the classroom.

Computing Progression of Knowledge and Skills Document Download