Our new uniforms can now be ordered online through Logo that Polo.

Click here for the link

Normal school day

  • Red jumper, fleece or cardigan (plain or with school logo)
  • Plain white or red polo shirt
  • Plain grey pinafore dress or grey/black skirt
  • Red checked school summer dress
  • Plain grey or black trousers or shorts
  • Plain black school shoes

PE day

  • House coulour t-shirt (plain or with school logo)
  • Plain unbranded black or navy jogging bottoms, shorts, leggings etc.
  • Trainers suitable for running
  • PE hoodie (plain or with school logo)

Forest School

  • Wellies – these can stay at school all year round on our wellie racks
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Optional logoed jacket